Auto Accidents

When An Injury Isn’t Your Fault

Accidents happen. But if you are seriously injured because of someone else mistake or negligence, it’s not an accident, and they should be held accountable. You are facing not only physical recovery but also financial challenges as you may be struggling to pay medical bills or household expenses if you cannot work due to your injury. The person who caused the accident should provide the compensation you need to move on, and a skilled personal injury attorney can help you get it.

How We Can Help After An Auto Accident

The Law Offices of Brian R. Whitehead, PC, has a track record of proven results when it comes to Oregon personal injury victims. We have won multiple settlements and jury verdicts of more than $1 million for our clients, helping people injured after accidents like:

  • Car crash. This encompasses a wide variety of accidents, including getting rear-ended, being in a side collision or head-on crash, and even rollover accidents.
  • Truck accident. Accidents with large vehicles like semi-trucks, 18-wheelers or other commercial vehicles can cause extremely serious injury.
  • Those resulting from a drunk driver. This is a prime example of an accident caused by someone else mistake. You might think you can’t pursue compensation when a criminal case is involved, but the driver can still be held accountable for your needs.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Being in a motorcycle accident can be very serious because of the size difference between a motorcycle and a car or truck.

When you are injured, you shouldn’t have to face recovery alone. The team at Law Offices of Brian R. Whitehead, PC, can help.

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