Utah recently lowered the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol to .05. Now some lawmakers in Oregon want to do the same.

Oregon may follow Utah’s lead

According to USA Today, Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney plans to introduce a new bill that would lower Oregon’s BAC limit to .05 as well. Thirty-five years ago, Utah lowered its BAC limit from .10 to .08, and Oregon soon followed suit. Nationwide, .08 has become the recognized limit.

A woman could be over the limit with one or two drinks

USA Today states for a 160-pound man, if he consumed three drinks in an hour, he would be at the .05 limit. For a woman who weighed 120 pounds, it would only take one or two drinks to be legally intoxicated under the proposed limit.

Change in law recommended by NTSB

In 2013, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended that states lower BAC limits to prevent drunk driving vehicle accidents. The report revealed each hour one person is killed and twenty are injured by drunk drivers in the U.S. The NTSB believed lowering the limit would save lives.

The American Beverage Institute believes drivers who drink large amounts of alcohol should be the targets of legislation. A spokesperson also suggested lowering the limit would punish responsible behavior.

Senator Courtney recognized passing the legislation will be a struggle.

Driving intoxicated is a serious offense in Oregon. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, the driver typically faces criminal charges for his or her negligent behavior. You could also be seriously injured, and you can hold the driver accountable for these injuries. You deserve the needed care to recover.