We have discussed some of the different factors that can lead to a motor vehicle crash. However, there are some unique situations people find themselves in which can significantly increase the odds of something going wrong on the road. For example, someone who has had an affair may be more likely to crash with another vehicle because they are worried about their partner finding out about the incident. Or, someone may be extremely upset with their partner due to infidelity, which can lead to aggressive driving, fatigue behind the wheel and other challenges. These problems can also be brought on by divorce as well.

If you ever suspect that your emotional state or any physical challenges you are struggling with (such as significant fatigue because you have been up all night) could get in the way of your driving abilities, it is extremely important to stay off the road. Sadly, some people do not take this advice, whether they are too angry or upset to care or they feel as if they have no choice because they have to get to work or take their kid to school.

Even if you are not facing any of these challenges, other drivers may be in the middle of such a crisis and it could affect their ability to drive. For example, they might behave erratically behind the wheel, switching lanes abruptly or going over the speed limit. Our law firm thoroughly believes that victims of motor vehicle wrecks deserve justice and should consider their legal options.