You may feel sore a day or two after a minor car accident. “It is just whiplash, give it a few days and you will feel better,” is the advice you may receive from friends and co-workers. However, at the Law Offices of Brian R. Whitehead, PC, we understand that not only is whiplash painful, it can also signal a serious injury. You and other Oregon residents may want to learn more about this common and frequently excruciating injury.

As WebMD explains, whiplash is a soft tissue injury that results from having the head and neck suddenly jerked back and forth in a collision. Rear-end crashes often result in whiplash, although any kind of collision can cause this injury. Whiplash is so common that many people discount its potential severity. In fact, you may believe that a doctor is not necessary and that all you need is some ice, Tylenol and patience before you start feeling better.

It is true that many instances of whiplash resolve on their own. However, it is not a bad idea to have your doctor examine you a day or two after a crash to determine if you are suffering from something worse than bruised or stretched tendons and muscles. Pain that seems at first like simple whiplash may instead be a sprain or a fracture that requires medical treatment. You may also need prescription painkillers and physical therapy to help you recover from whiplash.

Our page details the steps to take after a motor vehicle collision, including seeking medical treatment and compensation.