Most drivers are probably aware of the risk that a large truck can pose on the roadways to smaller passenger vehicles. However, these trucks can also pose a risk to one another. The drivers of two logging trucks found this out firsthand due to a head-on collision on Highway 101 near Brookings, Oregon, last week. 

There are no reports of any other vehicles involved in the accident, and the cause is not entirely clear at this time. One of the trucks carried no cargo, while the other had a load of logs aboard. The presence of logs on the highway resulted in a closure for some time thereafter. Fortunately, a local lumber company was able to assist in clearing and reopening the highway with the loan of a self-loading log truck.

Both drivers were able to remove themselves from their respective truck cabs following the collision despite each sustaining minor injuries. State and county authorities alike responded to the scene, along with fire departments from more than one community. Both drivers refused transport to the hospital via ambulance, but each received an examination on the scene from Cal-Ore Life Flight. Authorities have not provided any specific information as to which of the two drivers was at fault for the accident, nor have they indicated whether they intend to file any criminal charges.

While it is fortunate that both the drivers involved in this crash survived with only minor injuries, some involved in truck accidents face a much bleaker outcome. Contacting an attorney may be of benefit to their situation.