You’ve seen the yellow bumper stickers cautioning motor vehicle operators to look out for motorcyclists like you. When you’re on your motorcycle, you probably do everything you can to ensure the safety of yourself and motor vehicle drivers around you. When everyone does their part, everyone is more likely to reach their destination safely.

Few motor vehicle drivers have the same responsibility as truck drivers because of their size. After all, there are few protective barriers for you when you’re on your motorcycle.

Mistakes can be deadly

On a road in Massachusetts in late June, a pickup truck drifted out of its lane and killed seven motorcyclists and critically injuring several others. Investigators believe that the 23-year-old pickup truck driver was speeding and lost control of the vehicle. The investigation also revealed that the pickup truck driver had a history of dangerous driving behavior.

Because the pickup truck driver was pulling a trailer for his job, one of the survivors is bringing a sizable lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer for hiring him given his driving record. Investigators learned that the truck driver had a DUI earlier in 2019. The survivor is suing for over $400,000 to cover lost wages and current and future medical bills.

Motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes endangers riders most

Just as you have the responsibility to ride safely as a motorcyclist, motor vehicle operators have a duty to do their part to keep you safe too. When drivers neglect these duties, they jeopardize the most vulnerable people on the road, motorcyclists. These accidents can cause serious injuries that leave lifelong impacts on the victims.

While this accident happened on the East Coast, this is still something that could happen in Oregon.