In Oregon, most know the importance of vaccinations. Vaccines prevent disease and consequently save lives. While most people do not have problems following a vaccine, some do experience side effects. In rare cases, a person may suffer a serious allergic reaction or other injuries due to a vaccine. Do medical malpractice claims cover vaccine injuries?

The Health Resources & Services Administration has an option available for patients who suffer vaccine injuries. The solution is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or VICP. The VICP has a list of covered vaccines that are associated with injuries. While it makes it easier for a patient to figure out if he or she qualifies for compensation, it also provides an accessible forum for those who are injured.

To find out if you qualify for compensation, there is a table. This table lists vaccines and symptoms, along with a timeline for when the symptoms developed. You do have to prove that the vaccines directly caused the injury. However, if your reaction occurs in the proper timeline, you do not. For instance, if you suffer anaphylaxis shortly after a vaccine and there is no other cause for the reaction, then you deserve compensation.

The funding for the VICP comes from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund. The fund receives money through a 75-cent tax on routine vaccines recommended by the CDC. Vaccines that prevent multiple diseases have a tax that covers the number of diseases.

The information provided here is meant to educate on medical malpractice and vaccine injuries. It is not intended to be used as legal advice.