Oregon hospitals carry a duty of care to ensure their patients deliver healthy babies and that their doctors and staff take all possible steps to avoid birth injuries. At The Law Offices of Brian R. Whitehead, we understand how devastating the effects are on an entire family when a newborn suffers a traumatic brain injury because of a medical practitioner’s negligence.

Sometimes, the damage is severe enough to cause lifelong harm to children and the parents who must take care of them. Without a legal action, however, you may find it difficult to obtain the necessary medical treatments, health care and living assistance.

In one of the nation’s largest verdicts, an Illinois jury decided a $101 million award would help a family care for a baby who suffered brain damage during his birth, as reported by WGN TV News. When his mother arrived at the hospital’s emergency room, she was 34 weeks along in her pregnancy, and believed that something did not feel normal.

The patient informed the hospital’s nurses that she no longer felt the fetus moving around inside of her. Staff began to monitor the fetus, but failed to check on it properly for approximately five or six hours while he was still in utero. The patient agreed to deliver her baby by an emergency C-section, but the lack of monitoring starved him of oxygen; he was born with severe damage to his brain.

During a month-long trial, the jury heard expert testimony describing how the baby would have been born healthy if the hospital’s staff performed their monitoring duties properly. Since the child now requires 24-7 medical care and relies on his mother, the jury determined its financial award will compensate for his lifelong injuries.

Our page on medical malpractice provides more information about how you could pursue a legal action over a practitioner’s negligence.