Truck accidents occur all the time. Often it is not the truck driver that is to blame but rather another vehicle. You need to learn how to drive around trucks so that you can prevent being in a truck accident. Learning to drive around larger vehicles is not difficult. It just takes learning about the special needs of the vehicle. explains that the size and weight of a truck are what make it so dangerous to passenger vehicles. It is not able to stop as quickly and requires a lot more room to maneuver. In addition, the driver has large blind spots and cannot always see vehicles around the truck.

With these things in mind, you can stay safe around a truck by giving it space. Do not follow too closely behind it, and do not ride directly beside the truck for any length of time. A good rule is that if you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, then the driver cannot see you. Keep that in mind.

You should never cut off a truck. It cannot stop as fast as a car. When you pass, do so carefully, watching the truck for signs it may be getting over. Also, avoid passing when going downhill as the truck will pick up speed, prolonging the time you are in the driver’s blind spot.

Finally, be careful when you see a truck turning. They make wide turns, so they require far more of the road, which could put you in a bad position. This information is for education and is not legal advice.