Some people suffer from dramatic life altering injuries after a car accident on an Oregon road. However, other injury victims may experience more subtle problems later on, like going outside and suddenly feeling sensitive to sunlight without any apparent reason. Some injury victims cannot even stand the bright light inside their own homes. This problem is known as light sensitivity. 

According to Healthline, light sensitivity, also called photophobia, exists when someone experiences sensitivity to brightly lit areas or sunlight. This problem may range in severity. Some people just experience irritation when exposed to light, but in more extreme instances, people suffer eye pain when exposed to just about any kind of light. While photophobia may result due to eye problems, injuries to the head can also produce this malady. 

Brainline points out that sensitivity to light sometimes results from a traumatic brain injury. Since some people involved in car wrecks suffer blows to the head, it is possible that someone might experience light sensitivity following an auto accident. TBIs can produce a range of problems, including other sensitivities to loud sounds or distractions. Brain injury victims can also suffer from dizziness or headaches, with emotional distress an added possibility. 

Suffering from light sensitivity can negatively impact the quality of your life. It can make it hard to go outside and enjoy yourself in family activities or go off on errands. It may feel difficult to do even ordinary household activities unless you dim the lights in your own home. Additionally, light sensitivity could indicate you suffer from a more serious and imminent health condition that requires treatment.