Oregon has dozens of stores where people can purchase home-improvement products. On any given weekend, your neighbors may head to a shopping center to pick up lumber for a new deck or fence. If they do not secure their loads properly, though, you may sustain a life-threatening injury.

In the Beaver State, motorists have a legal obligation to secure whatever they haul properly. Failing to do so is a violation of state law. If you have been driving for any time at all, though, you know that drivers do not always act appropriately. Here are three ways unsecured loads may put your life in danger.

  1. Loose objects 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with hauling items in the back of a pickup truck or on the roof of a car, drivers must tie down their loads. Put simply, a dislodged item may smash through your windshield or cause you to swerve dangerously. Remember, high speeds often require heftier restraints. 

  1. Obstructed views 

To drive safely, motorists must have a clear view of their surroundings. Unfortunately, though, drivers routinely pack their vehicles full of items. A driver with an obstructed view may not be able to steer clear of your vehicle. Furthermore, if motorists have too many things in the passenger part of their vehicles, they may lose control. 

  1. Leaking materials 

Solid materials do not make up all loads that travel on Oregon roadways. On the contrary, you may drive behind someone hauling a slippery liquid, such as oil. If the driver does not properly contain these materials, you may lose traction and have a serious accident. Even worse, if you drive onto spilled gasoline or chemicals, you may inadvertently spark a fire.

If you have sustained a serious injury involving an unsecured load, you may be able to pursue reasonable compensation from the negligent individual who caused the accident. You likely have a limited time frame to assert your legal rights, though. By understanding how unsecured loads may endanger your life, you can better plan for staying safe behind the wheel.