Recently, a young man in Texas survived a collision with a utility pole. Sadly, when he stepped outside the vehicle, his foot touched a downed power line. The live wire electrocuted the driver, killing him instantly.

When you drive, you expect other motorists to behave responsibly. Of course, that does not always happen. Even a brief moment of negligence, such as distracted driving, may lead to a collision. If force from the crash pushes your vehicle into a utility pole, you must exercise additional caution.

Survey your surroundings 

After any car crash, it is important to survey your surroundings before doing anything else. After all, you do not want to make matters worse by moving into a dangerous situation. If a visual inspection reveals downed power lines, stay inside your vehicle.

Move carefully 

While remaining inside your vehicle is your most favorable bet, doing so is not always an option. That is, your vehicle may be on fire or otherwise unsafe. If that is the case, you must exit the vehicle to save your life. If live wires are present, do not step on them. Also, do not touch the ground and any other object at the same time.

Alert the authorities 

Dealing with fallen power lines requires special knowledge and skill. Therefore, you should always call emergency responders immediately. Then, you should wait for official instructions before doing anything.

Warn good Samaritans 

The people who live in and around Salem are inherently good. Following a car crash, someone is apt to jump out of his or her vehicle to render assistance. If you have noticed a downed power line, though, the good Samaritan’s life may be in danger. Accordingly, you may need to verbally warn helpers to stay away from the crash scene.

While any car accident has the potential to be serious, one involving a utility pole can be downright catastrophic. Nonetheless, you do not want to sustain additional injuries from fallen wires. By understanding what to do if you crash into a utility pole, you increase your chances of surviving the incident.