Many people recognize that using a phone while driving is very distracting and dangerous, but some fail to understand how dangerous it is to eat food or drink any beverage while behind the wheel. In fact, there are multiple ways in which eating food interferes with a driver’s ability to stay focused and keep their hands on the wheel.

Sadly, many auto accidents take place because of eating and other distracting behaviors. These crashes turn the lives of those involved upside down and even prove fatal, in some instances.

Visual, cognitive and manual distractions

Eating food on the road presents a number of concerns. For example, some drivers take their eyes off the road to look at their food, while others lose their mental focus as a result of the food they are eating. Furthermore, many drivers take one or both hands off the wheel in order to eat food, take wrappers off or discard wrappers after they are finished. Moreover, one’s hands often become greasy or dirty while eating and people become distracted while trying to clean their hands.

Waiting to eat

Sometimes, people eat while they drive because they are in a rush and do not have enough time to finish their food (such as those who have to start work as soon as they arrive). However, it is crucial to wait to eat, especially since the consequences of a car crash are so devastating. Unfortunately, drivers do not always heed this advice. If you were hit by someone who was eating on the road, it is imperative to understand your legal options and do everything in your power to hold them accountable. Our website provides more information on recovering from distracted driving accidents.