Oregon mothers should understand all potential risks associated with childbirth. It is true that modern medicine makes it safer than ever to have a baby. But mistakes and accidents still happen.

Today, we will look at the potential result of mistakes in delivery. In specific, we will look at the birth injury that results in Erb’s palsy.

What is Erb’s palsy?

OrthoInfo discusses occurrences of Erb’s palsy in newborns. First, what is Erb’s palsy? It is a brachial plexus palsy often caused by damage to the nerves of the same name. This cluster of nerves controls the arms. Everything from sensation to movement suffers if these nerves take damage.

Some infants with Erb’s palsy end up with complete paralysis of the affected limb. Others may be able to lift their arm or have a limited range of motion. Some experience numbness in the affected area. Others may have tingling or other strange sensations.

In good news, Erb’s palsy has a good prognosis. Almost every case has a 100 percent recovery rate. Because it is easy to catch, doctors start therapy and treatment early. Many recover in months to several years.

What causes this palsy?

So what causes Erb’s palsy? As mentioned, stress to the brachial plexus nerves result in Erb’s palsy. This stress often happens during childbirth. How? When delivering the child, medical staff may pull too hard. This stretches the neck, which stretches the nerves. This is one of the most common forms of damage.

Medical staff may pull incorrectly for different reasons. They may rush because of an emergency. It may come from a place of negligence. In the end, it is important for parents to know exactly what happened to their child.