Spanning the state from north to south, the I-5 corridor is essential for commercial transporters looking to move products across Oregon and throughout the country. Unfortunately, large trucks often pose serious risks to drivers in smaller vehicles. 

To avoid a potentially fatal collision, even careful drivers should make sure to practice defensive driving. That is especially true when traveling at high speeds around oversized vehicles. 

  1. Be careful when passing large trucks

Oversized vehicles often have significant blind spots, which can make passing maneuvers especially hazardous. Motorists should allow plenty of space when passing a large vehicle. 

  1. Be careful when large trucks are passing

It is also important to be careful when large trucks are passing. Drivers should be sure to stay to the right and slow slightly to allow the truck operator room and time to pass safely. 

  1. Pay attention to turn signals

Commercial trucks often need ample space to change lanes or turn. An average semi may need as much as a 700-foot gap to navigate a lane change safely, or about 8 seconds at highway speed. 

  1. Expect wind gusts

Semis with large trailers can create a remarkable amount of backdraft; that is especially true at higher speeds. When passing a large truck or when an oversized vehicle is passing, motorists should make sure to keep both hands firmly on the wheel. 

  1. Leave a gap when stopping on a hill

When stopped on a steeply inclined roadway, heavy trucks may suddenly roll back when the driver pulls his or her foot off the brake pedal. Motorists should make sure to leave ample space in front of their vehicles to prevent a potential collision. 

Unfortunately, even the most cautious driver may find themselves in an impossible position on the road that results in serious injury. Oregon motorists should know that they may be able to recover medical and other costs by filing a claim.