Hit in an accident? How to handle the other drivers insurance company.

Car accidents, fender benders and especially rear end collisions are all too common and it doesn’t take broken bones to make a personal injury claim. In fact, quite often, injuries resulting from being hit in an accident are soft tissue injuries. Sprains and strains are considered damages too. If you have been injured and it was somebody else’s fault, it is not uncommon for that person’s insurance company to contact you. Be careful here because their goal is to minimize the settlement or the amount of money they have to pay out for your claim.

Many times, an insurer will ask you to sign documents releasing your private medical and employment records in an attempt to use irrelevant information against you. They might also try to get you to agree to a small settlement right away. Careful, you should never agree to settle your claim until you have received all necessary medical care, physical therapy, and your injuries have healed completely. Depending on the severity of the injury after being hit in an accident, that process can take a long time and it’s possible that you will need ongoing care for years to come. The bottom line is that there is no way to put a value on your case until you have finished your medical care and know what, if any, permanent injuries you might have.

A good attorney on your side can deal with the opposition’s insurance company for you, giving them only that information that they need to place an accurate value on your case. A good law firm, like the Law Offices of Brian Whitehead, will advocate for you. Dealing with a car accident is hard enough. Dealing with insurance companies is best left to skill, experience and professionalism of a personal injury attorney. So if you’ve been injured and think you have a legitimate claim, give us a call and get your complimentary case evaluation.

fossilgraphicsHit in an accident? How to handle the other drivers insurance company.

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