Oregon Workers’ Compensation Compliance Division

Employer index http://www.cbs.state.or.us/external/wcd/index.html – 503-947-7814

This resource tells you which worker’s compensation insurance company insurers your employer.

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division

Employer Compliance Unit http://www.cbs.state.or.us/wcd/communications/ecu.html – 503-947-7665

This is who you contact if you are injured and your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance. They will file the claim for you and investigate the case against your employer.

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board


This is the Government body that ‘s in charge of litigating the compensability of worker’s compensation claims. The Board appoints Administrative Law Judges to hear your case and they handle appeals from the Administrative Law Judges’ decisions.

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Ombudsman

http://wcd.oregon.gov/ombuds.html – 800-927-1271

This is somebody appointed by the State to help injured workers deal with the multitude of issues on workers’ compensation claims. The Ombudsman often times refers you to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney if it is not a simple problem that can be resolved by giving you the correct information.

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Statutes and Rules


Statutes These are the statutes that govern the content of an employers’ worker’s compensation policy and set forth the rules for deciding issues concerning your worker’s compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation Administrative Rules These rules further flush out how workers’ compensation claims are litigated. Issues concerning exchange of information and other procedural qualifications on pursuing your worker’s compensation claim.

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Department


Workers’ Compensation Division Rules


These rules govern the amount and type of compensation you are entitled to on a worker’s compensation claim. They also have procedural guidelines for contesting the amount and type of compensation you will receive.

Oregon State Bar


Oregon Courts


Oregon Trial Lawyers Association


This is an association of Trial Lawyers in Oregon who primary represent injured parties. The Oregon Trial Lawyers Association also devotes its resources to enacting legislation that benefits injured parties while also attempting to defeat legislation which takes away an injured party’s right to redress in the courts for their injury.

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles


You can download a form to report your accident to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles from this site. Most serious accidents require a timely accident report to be filed by each party driving a vehicle involved the accident. Failure to do so may result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

Crime Victims Compensation Fund


On this site you may download an application for crime victims compensation. Often times parties contact personal injury attorneys to sue people that have injured them intentionally such as assaults and battery. If you have medical bills as a result of a legitimate crime that has been reported to the police, these medical bills will be paid by the crime victims’ compensation fund if you make a timely application for benefits.

Settlement Professionals (structured settlement)


This company is expert in assisting personal injury attorneys and their clients in maximizing their recovery from a settlement on an injury claim.

Oregon Insurance Division


This branch of government is responsible for policing the insurance industry. You can download a form to make a complaint. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much that the insurance commission does or can do to enforce an insurance company’s obligation to pay on a claim.

Dept of Labor and Industries Wage Claim

Division http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/pages/index.aspx

This is a resource where you can file a claim for unpaid wages from your own employer.

Dept of Labor and Industries Civil Rights


This is where you can report a claim of discrimination and have it investigated by the State of Oregon. The law in Oregon protects many classes of individuals from discrimination including injured workers.

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