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If you have been injured in a work related accident, there are steps you must take to preserve your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. To protect your rights, tell your employer about your injury, and then contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible to receive guidance and advice about your next steps.

To speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney about your legal rights, contact The Law Offices of Brian R. Whitehead in Salem, Oregon. We handle all aspects of workers’ compensation law, including:

Over 25 Years of Legal Experience

If you have suffered a job related injury, our firm can provide the experienced legal representation you require. Our founding attorney, Brian R. Whitehead, has been handling workers’ compensation cases for more than 25 years.

Third Party Liability – Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you were injured by a third party (someone other than your boss or co-worker), you may have a basis to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The amount you recover in a personal injury lawsuit is in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits you receive. Visit our third party liability page to learn more.

Get a Second Opinion

Has your employer told you that you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, or contact our law office today to schedule an appointment with attorney Brian R. Whitehead. We can answer your questions and ease your concerns so you have all of the facts regarding a possible on-the-job injury claim.

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